Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

These tasty tidbits cook up in minutes and appeal to people of all ages! Makes 4 servings 1/3 cup +

Creamy Vegetable-Salsa Dip

Chopped raw cauliflower gives this creamy, rich-tasting dip a surprise crunch. Serve it with baked tortilla wedges or vegetable crudites.

Crab Crostini

If crabmeat is out of your price range, surimi makes an excellent substitute. Makes 4 servings 4 ounces fresh or

Clams Oreganato

This recipe, which minimizes the bread crumbs and maximizes the briny flavor of the clams, will make some of the

Clams Casino

If you can find them, use Cherrystone or littleneck clams – they have the best flavor. Makes 4 servings 12

Cinnamon-Raisin Granola

Serve this for breakfast with low-fat milk, or send it along as a healthful snack in children’s lunch boxes. Makes

Chunky Guacamole

Makes 8 servings We add lots of fresh vegetables and zippy spices to make this guacamole higher in flavor and


Sort of a cross between nachos and pizza, chilequiles are crunchy, gooey and delicious. A great way to use leftovers,

Chile con Queso

This popular dip has many different forms; this one uses cream cheese for a light and creamy texture. Enjoy it

Chick-Pea and Garlic Dip

This light version of hummus, the famous Middle Eastern dip, is traditionally served with warmed pita triangles. It’s also nice