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Seafood Wellington Recipe

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Total time: 45 minutes

Prep time: 45 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Yield: 4


1/2 c Butter or margarine
1 1/2 lb Salmon fillets (red is best)
1 1/4 c milk
3/4 c Parsley flakes
1/8 ts Pepper
1 lb Frozen puff pastry, thawed
1/2 c All-purpose flour
1/2 c Onion finely chopped
1 c Chopped fresh mushrooms
1/2 ts Salt
Boiling salted water


  • Melt butter in frying pan. Add onion and mushrooms. Saute until soft. Mix in flour, parsley, salt and pepper. Stir in milk until it boils and thickens. It will be very thick. Cool. Poach salmon in salted water until it flakes. Remove from water. Cool. Divide into 4 servings. Roll out pastry. Divide into 4 pieces. Spoon 1/8 sauce on pastry, lay salmon over, spoon 1/8 sauce on salmon. Bring up pastry. Fold over. Seal. Place seam side down on baking pan. Repeat. Cut 2 vents in top of each. Use scrap pieces of pastry to make fish cut-outs to place on top. Bake in 400F oven until browned, about 20 to 25 minutes. Serves 4 Typed in MMFormat by [email protected] Source: Companys Coming Main Courses Posted to MM-Recipes Digest V4 #10 by [email protected] on Mar 18, 1999

Nutrition Facts:

Calories 483 calories, FatContent 45.948963438073 g, CarbohydrateContent 16.1240407879316 g, CholesterolContent 50.805 mg, FiberContent 2.08232030910052 g, ProteinContent 3.82799297164977 g, SaturatedFatContent 15.3448646875149 g, ServingSize 1 1 Serving (384g), SodiumContent 242.817562558461 mg, SugarContent 14.0417204788311 g, TransFatContent 2.1828759375789 g


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