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Pecan Praline Whiskey Drink Recipe

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Crown Pecan Pie Whisky Cocktail Recipe | Crown Royal

Here’s how we serve up a pie just in time for your holiday meals.

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  • Pour all ingredients over ice and stir. Garnish with whipped cream and whole pecan.


How to make a pecan whiskey cocktail?

Place whiskey stones or a large ice cube, then pour the Toasted Pecan Whiskey over the cubes, swirling it to mix with the bitters and sugar mixture. Enjoy immediately! The infused pecan whiskey will make enough for 6 total cocktails.

What is Bird Dog praline whiskey?

Folklore and fact intermingle to create the history of the pecan praline candy, a southern favorite for generations. This classic confectionery treat is buttery, nutty, and sweet all at once! We’ve managed to bottle all that up in Bird Dog Praline Whiskey.

How do you infuse Bourbon with pecans?

Place toasted pecans and vanilla bean in a quart size mason jar. Pour bourbon over pecans and vanilla bean. Place on lid and swirl gently to mix. Allow bourbon to infuse at room temperature for about 5 days (remove lid and taste after 5 days. If a stronger pecan flavor is desired, allow it to infuse a few more days).

What does toasted pecans with Bourbon taste like?

The unmistakable flavor of toasted pecans covered in a silky smooth candy coating is complemented by the essence of vanilla and oak from the real Kentucky bourbon. Try it in our Praline Pointer, and you’ll feel like you’re walking to the streets of New Orleans — brass band not included.


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