Atkins Diet Tips And Secrets

Induction Phase

  • Keep one of your current picture before you start Atkins diet
  • Try to weight yourself once a week
  • Limit sweeteners to 3 packets a day
  • Beware of food with label with “low fat” because it generally mean “high carb’
  • Don’t make the common mistake of eating less fat to get into ketosis (the opposite is actually true)
  • If you start Induction before of during a menstrual period, it may take longer to lose weight

Ongoing Weight Loss

  • Increase your activity level to raise your CCLL (Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing)
  • Eat berries and other fruit with cheese, nut or cream to slow down impact on your blood sugar
  • Pass up fried foods in restaurants


  • Replace rice and potato with serving of vegetables
  • Keep a controlled carb bar or ready to drink shake on hand to feed hunger pangs
  • Stay away from snack vending machine

Lifetime Maintenance

  • Do not afraid to try new food
  • Stay away from foods containing sugar
  • If you feel the need to binge try the controlled carbohydrate product

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