Atkins Diet – Lifetime Maintenance Phase

To maintain the weight, the individual goes into Phase IV, the Lifetime Maintenance Phase, which is meant to begin a lifetime of healthy eating. Counting carbohydrates is still important and many foods are still restricted, though there is no expectation that the dieter will never eat his or her favorite foods again. The key to what can be eaten really depends on the body’s metabolic resistance.

For people with a low metabolism, the meal plan looks very similar to Phase II, ongoing weight loss. However, those with a higher metabolism will probably be able to eat most vegetables, fruits and whole grains. The primary rules of the maintenance phase include adhering the CCLM, eating unprocessed carbohydrates, exercising regularly and modifying the diet to meet current needs. To successfully maintain a healthy weight, it is important to always be conscious of what is eaten.

Sugars and white flour need to be avoided, except for the occasional slice of birthday or wedding cake, of which a portion size must be minimal. An important aspect of successful weight loss is variety. Trying new foods and recipes will limit boredom and only eat foods that are enjoyable. Exercise should continue to be an important routine. It is also important to realize that setbacks are a part of life and knowing how to reverse the damage is half the battle. Switching back to Induction for a week or two will take off the gained weight and put the individual back on track.

Important Points To Remember :

  1. In order to maintain your goal weight you must know your metabolic needs
  2. Don’t stay more than 5 pounds from your goal weight
  3. If you need to restart your fat-burning engine you can always return to the Induction  or Ongoing Weight Loss phase
  4. Liftetime Maintenance allow you to stay healthy and slim for the rest of your life.

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